Gangster Shooting Police Game

Gangster Shooting Police Game

Gangster Shooting Police Game


Gangster Shooting Police Game is a fun game of exploration and adventure with a mafia theme.

Surely you will like the mafia-themed game, right? In gang warfare, you have to save your gang members and face off against other mafias. Take up guns, steal and drive supercars to find all the fun in the big city. Climb mountains, and practice shooting skills in this exciting game. In particular, it is important to avoid being chased by the police. Show off your abilities and skills to become the best in this gangster world.

How to play

  • W for forward
  • S for move backward
  • A for move left
  • D for move right
  • Space to jump
  • Click to aim
  • Fire with the left mouse button
  • F to entry/exit  vehicle